Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey everyone!

For those that know me, I have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to local high school basketball. 
Even more so as of lately, thanks to all of the talent that has been cropping up in the area as well. 
So the purpose of this blog is to give you my views on the latest in Southeast Missouri High School hoops, from Christmas Tournaments to the Final Horn at state, I'll give you my takes each and every week throughout the season. Feel free to express your opinions as well. You might agree with what I believe, you may not. But I still want to hear from you!

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  1. I agree with you Joe - my vote is with the Bloomfield Tournament!!

    The tournament in Bloomfield is part basketball mecca and a large Southeast Missouri family reunion. There is just something about it that makes it unique.

    Yes, the bleachers can be hard - but that's an excuse to get up and walk down to the concession stand and talk to folks along the way. The gym is not the biggest in the Bootheel, but that just means we all get close for a while! That gymnasium has seen some incredible basketball through the years - whether you are a player, coach, fan, parent, cheerleader or official.

    It's the people that make it so special - whether the younger kids running around or the older fan who has attended each and every winter; its the community volunteers who have worked the tournament each year; it's the comradery of the crew in the Hospitality Room and on the stage; its the college kids home from the holidays and the spirited rivalries of Southeast Missouri schools; its excitement and drama and fun.

    And a word about the people involved in the tournament - the hospitality extended by the students, teachers, tourney officials and people of Bloomfield is the best and what make the tournament so very special. It is Bootheel hospitality at its very finest.

    On a personal note - I have experience some memory-making moments at the tournament - from being a high school student and sent by the "old editor" (i.e., Dad) to interview the legendary E.E. "Bus" Car, taking photos of the winners holding their trophy up high, attending the games as a little tagalong with my brothers, or sitting on the stage and watching a sports reporter from a neighboring newspaper stretch out and fall asleep on the bleachers ... during a game! There have been some great times!

    The Bloomfield Christmas Tournament is more than a series of games on a hardwood court - it is an example of what makes life in Southeast Missouri so great!